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September 07 Theme + A Themed "Hunt" [Aug. 31st, 2007|10:38 pm]
Photo Whores R Us



As I was looking around the calendars for ideas for themes, I ran across the fact that September holds Hispanic Heritage Month, so this is where this theme idea came from.

You can choose to do any culture you wish, but I would hope you would pick one from your own family heritage. Since humans have become so culturally mixed, you can do more than one if you wish.


Themed Hunt

We can find our first evidence of photo whores in all of our childhood photos. When a camera was aimed on us (especially for photo whores), we were likely to put on a huge smile and wait for that wonderful little flash.

Find some of your favorite childhood photos (at least 3) and share them with the community; all the better if you have stories to go with them.

Have fun guys!