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Mod post [Jun. 4th, 2008|11:57 am]
Photo Whores R Us


So if you guys have noticed, the last 2 months have been without themes. The reason for this is because since no one is really that active and doing the themes, I don't see the point in wasting good theme ideas. So for now the theme here is just plain photowhoring.

And I wanted to tell you what your mods consider to be photowhoring so you can go crazy. :p

Photowhoring is...

...snapping photos of yourself just to show off your makeup or clothing for the day.

...dressing up for a specific photowhoring idea.

...taking advantage of your surroundings to get some good photos of you and your friends.

...capturing every moment of your pet that you can.

...photos you take when at an event (things like the irish festival, anime expo, gaming conventions, and so on.)

...the photos you are excited to share with others.

Really, photowhoring can be anything. It doesn't necessarily have to have you in it. It could be just your friends, or really cool people you find at a convention in costume. It could be your pets, or even the plants outside. For instance, I take photos of the weeping willow next door to my grandma's house every time I'm out there. I photowhore that tree as much as I can because its beautiful.

Don't be afraid to post. This is all meant in fun. :) We're not here to judge each other and start fights. We're just here to have a good time and share it with others.

And remember, you can ALWAYS do past themes. You can find them in the profile page, and I'd love to see your ideas. The themes are meant to inspire you. There aren't rules to them. Just have fun.