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photowhoresrus's Journal

Photo Whores R Us
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Photo Whore:
(n) a person who loves taking various photos of themselves, their friends, pets, and environment. (Most of the time, people are working on a specific theme they are trying to get across, which includes costume and makeup.)


1. No hardcore sexual content.
2. Some nudity is okay, but it must be tasteful and under a cut with a warning in the cut's text (and the post must be locked).
3. Only one photo may be above a cut, and it cannot be bigger than 500x500.
4. Any movies or graphics must be put under a cut.
5. Only post photos you have permission to post.
6. Any copyright infringement will be dealt with swiftly and will result in a ban.
7. Be courteous to others and only critique if the poster wants it (and keep it tactful).
8. Be sure to give a warning to any possibly triggering photos (cutting, drinking, suicide type things, etc).

How to perform an LJ cut
Use the tags in the text box below.

Promotion Banners:



For more details, see this post.

Past Themes
Sept 06: Labels
Oct 06: Costumes
Nov 06: Autumn Beauty
Dec 06: Winter Holidays
Jan 07: Light/Dark
Feb 07: Valentine/Anti-Valentine
March 07: Be the Cause
April 07: Plant life
May 07: Prom
Summer: June to August 07
July 07: 7 Deadly Sins/7 Heavenly Virtues
August 07: Colors
September 07: Culture
October 07: Creatures
November 07: Movie Posters
December 07: Glamour Shots
Jan/Feb 08: Past Themes
March 08: Seasons


None so far! Lets try to keep it that way!